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Бух.учет и финансы | BSc in Accounting and Finance
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Бух.учет и финансы | BSc in Accounting and Finance

Бух.учет и финансы | BSc in Accounting and Finance

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Информация о программе обучения

Bachelor of Science (Honours) in Accounting and Finance

Бакалавр наук (с отличием), Бухгалтерский учет и финансы

Кампус обучения: Singapore Institute of Management (SIM), Сингапур

Диплом: University of London (UoL), Великобритания

Форма обучения: очная, бакалавриат

Длительность обучения: 2 года

Начало обучения: август-сентябрь

Стоимость обучения: 

S$28,400 (est.) for 12 units / 3 years (BSc Standard route)

S$21,400 (est.) for 9 units / 2 years (BSc Graduate entry route)

Developed and awarded by University of London (UOL), UK. Lead College, London School of Economics and Political Science (LSE).

LSE is one of the foremost social science universities in the world. Since its foundation in 1895, it has acquired a worldwide reputation for the quality of its research – 50% of its research was rated world-leading and a further 37% internationally excellent in the most recent assessment of research quality in UK universities.

This programme is ideal for those who want to pursue a career in accountancy, consulting, or in the financial services.


Strong foundation in accountancy, finance

This degree programme lays a strong foundation in accountancy and financial practices. It helps you develop critical skills for a wide range of real life situations in the banking and financial sectors.

Graduates who complete the programme with the following electives: AC3091 Financial reporting, AC3093 Auditing and assurance and AC3097 Management accounting, will be awarded exemptions when they apply for the ACCA exam and CPA Australia exam.

Further studies

Graduates who wish to continue to professional accreditation may get exemptions for certain modules from the professional bodies below:

  • Association of Chartered Certified Accountants (ACCA)
  • Chartered Institute of Management Accountants (CIMA)
  • Institute of Chartered Accountants in England and Wales (ICAEW)
  • Institute of Singapore Chartered Accountants (ISCA)
  • CPA Australia

This arrangement means if you pass the required combination of courses on your degree, you can gain professional accreditation more quickly.

ACCA. Graduates are exempted from most foundation units in the ACCA exams. There are no pre-requisite units required in the BSc degree.

CPA Australia. To qualify for the CPA Program Professional Level, students in the degree are to take a prescribed set of units in addition to the compulsory units set by the University of London. Candidates are to take on unit MN3027 Law of business organisations, AC3059 Financial management, LA1040 Elements of the law of contract and IS2136 Information systems and organisations.

Job Prospects

In the 2017 Graduate Employment Survey, it was found that 82.1% of graduates were employed within six months of the final examinations. Among them, 81.2% were working in jobs related to their course of study.

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Структура обучения

Изучаемые предметы

Standard Entry Route: Minimum duration of this programme is 3 years. The programme has 12 full units: 100 units 1. # EC1002 Introduction to economics 2. ST104A Statistics 1 (half unit) and MT105A Mathematics 1 (half unit) 3. FN1024 Principles of banking and finance 4. AC1025 Principles of accounting 5. * One unit (or two half-unit) from Selection groups F(i) 200 and 300 units 6. MN2028 Managerial economics (EC1002) + (MT105A or MT1174) or EC2066 Microeconomics (EC1002) + (MT105A or MT1174) 7. AC3059 Financial management (AC1025) 8. AC2091 Financial reporting (AC1025) 9. AC3093 Auditing and assurance (AC1025) 10. AC2097 Management accounting (AC1025) 11. One unit from Selection group E or M 12. One 200 or 300 unit (or two half units) chosen from any of the Selection group Graduate Entry Route: Minimum duration of this 9 full-unit programme, which is offered on both part-time and full-time basis, is two years. 100 units 1. # EC1002 Introduction to economics 2. ST104A Statistics 1 (half-unit) and MT105A Mathematics 1 (half-unit) 3. AC1025 Principles of accounting 200 and 300 units 4. MN2028 Managerial economics (EC1002) + (MT105A or MT1174) or EC2066 Microeconomics (EC1002) + (MT105A or MT1174) 5. AC3059 Financial management (AC1025) or FN3092 Corporate finance (EC1002) + (MT105A or MT105B or MT1174) 6. AC2091 Financial reporting (AC1025) 7. AC3093 Auditing and assurance (AC1025) 8. AC2097 Management accounting (AC1025) 9. One unit from Selection group E or M

Тип обучения

Teaching Faculty Local faculty, with intensive workshops by UK academics Delivery Mode Lectures, group discussions, workshops and online study Duration of each lesson is 3 hours. Mode of Study Full time classes are held in three-hour blocks between Monday and Saturday, starting at 8.30am, 12pm, or 3.30pm. There are occasional classes on weeknights at 7pm and on Sundays and public holidays. Classes for part-time programmes are held from 7pm to 10pm on weeknights or on Saturdays, with occasional classes on Sundays and public holidays. Local students may transfer between the part-time and full-time programme after a year, at the annual course enrolment exercise


Assessment & Exams Completion of class tests, assignments and preliminary exams is highly encouraged in preparation for the University’s annual exams. Exams accounts for 100% grading, except for some units where coursework is assessed by the University. Successful completion of 12 units is required to qualify for the degree. The 200 and 300 units normally carry more weight than the 100 units. Grading Scheme 70-100 : First Class Honours 60-69 : Upper Second Class Honours 50-59 : Lower Second Class Honours 40-49 : Third Class Honours 0-39 : Fail

Вручение диплома

Graduation The award of the BSc (Hons) degree requires successful completion of all 12 units. Graduates may opt to participate in the presentation ceremony on SIM campus in April or the University of London (UK) in March. Graduates of the UOL International Programmes may progress to postgraduate studies either locally or overseas.


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